Tuesday, October 16, 2007

creARTion #4 is coming

A new creARTion will be posted tomorrow!

All submissions for #2 need to be submitted by next Wednesday, October 17th.

Here's a reminder:


You must do at least the following two things to qualify for the prize!

1. ELEMENT: envelope

2. CONCEPT: fall/autumn

3. POST a link to your creARTion by the due date.

So, this can be anything... a minibook... a card... a layout... your choice, but it must incorporate the above.

The prize this time?


These fun Halloween goodies from Memory Works!

Donated by... Diane Gillet a Memory Works Independant Consultant #MW65597!

How to play:

Upload your creARTion and link it to here in a post.

All submissions are due by October 17, 2007 EDT.

Good luck!

Can't wait to see your creARTion!

This month's judge will be announced shortly!

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