Wednesday, September 19, 2007

creARTion #2

Hope you're all hard at work on your first creARTion... it's not due until October 3rd, so you have a little more time to upload and win...

However, if cA #1 was not your cup of tea, here's a second assignment to try!


You must do at least the following two things to qualify for the prize!

1. ELEMENT: envelope

2. CONCEPT: fall/autumn

3. POST a link to your creARTion by the due date.

So, this can be anything... a minibook... a card... a layout... your choice, but it must incorporate the above.

The prize this time?


These fun Halloween goodies from Memory Works!

Donated by... Diane Gillet a Memory Works Independant Consultant #MW65597!

How to play:

Upload your creARTion and link it to here in a post.

All submissions are due by October 24, 2007 EDT.

Good luck!

Can't wait to see your creARTion!

This month's judge will be announced shortly!


Mary said...

Would you please clarify the goal for me? My first thought was to decorate an envelope with a fall/autumn theme. If this is correct, is space to be left for mailing? Or should the entire front of the envelope be decorated? If this can be anything... a card, a mini book or a layout, should an envelope be made small enough to embellish (rather than contain) the card, book or layout? Do you have a sample posted?

Michelle McGee said...

It can be anything, yes! The envelope can be on, in, around... anything!

Good idea about the sample, though, I'll try that!